The Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival

30 September 2023 at the Marion county fairgrounds!

After a three-year hiatus, it's time to get excited! The SSI Board of Trustees along with the Scottish Foundation of Indianapolis are happy to announce that the 2023 Indianapolis Highland Scottish Games & Festival will be officially back this year. The event will be taking place on September 30th - this time at a new venue. Thanks to the hard work of our games chairs Greg Bowers and Rebekah Lawson the location will be at the Marion County Fairgrounds. The board made the unanimous vote on this matter after being presented the hard work, research and the number of volunteers / volunteer groups already in place.

Event address (map below): 7300 E Troy Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46239

Highland Athletics

Caber, sheaf, hammer, stone put, weight-over-bar -- the heavy events are what make Highland athletics unique. These events originated from great gatherings held by Highland clans in medieval times where chieftans selected their strongest warriors to compete and inspire others. Some say the games may have even pre-dated Scotland itself!

Tossing the weight


Pipe bands, traditional and modern celtic bands, dancers, and a talented cast of actors presenting the Scottish Royal Court - all working in concert to bring a lively cultural experience ye'll nae be forgettin.

Marching pipes and drums

The tastes

Guests who are of legal age are welcome to come learn about (and sample) fine Scottish whisky. Take in the stories of distilleries and learn about how Scotland's famous Uisge Beatha (water of life) is made and how it may be best enjoyed - with all your friends from the Scottish Society of Indianapolis of course!

Marching pipes and drums

The Location

This year, the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games and Festival will be at the Marion County Fairgrounds. Guests and participants will find ample parking, comfortable facilities, all the food and beverages we love, and plenty of space for showing off just how bonny your knees look in that kilt - and if you dont' have a kilt, you'll find no shortage of suppliers and information to get yourself fully kitted out!

The Scottish Society of Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival is organised by the Scottish Foundation of Indianapolis and the Scottish Society of Indianapolis. If you would like to become a member, just fill in the form at the link below. You will start receiving our monthly newsletter and are welcome at every event. We enjoy pitch-in dinner meetings every 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Latvian Center located at 1008 W. 64th Street, Indianapolis starting at 6:30 and ending between 8pm and 9pm. Each meeting features a special programme about a bit of Scottish lore, ancient and contemporary. Sometimes it's simply informative, and sometimes it's a concert or dancing!

Please join us!

Individual yearly memberships are only $25 and whole family memberships are $35.
You won't be asked for payment on the following form. You can pay at the society website PayPal or in-person at a monthly meeting.
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Make plans now to attend the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Fest!