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(!) Registration for ALL classes are now CLOSED.

Save the Date – Saturday, October 12th, 2019

  • $25 – Early Registration Closes on July 31st.
  • $30 – Regular Registration is from Aug. 1st – Sept. 30th. T-shirt provided with registrations received & paid on or before Sept. 30th.
  • $35 – Late Registration after Sept. 30th, T-shirt may be ordered for an extra charge.

All athletics registrations/payment will be handled on-line on this webpage. Please check back frequently, and/or follow us on twitter @indyscotfest, or become an email subscriber by filling out the short form on this page to receive newsletters and announcements about all Scottish Society of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Highland Games news.

Registered Athletes will not appear on this page until July.

All participants must sign a waiver at the games during the check-in process, the morning of the games. Check-in is from 8am – 8:45am. Opening ceremonies at 9am and throwing begins promptly at 9:30am!

Those interested in participating in this year’s athletic events must register by reading the following requirements and creating an athlete profile on Highland Squared, the new Highland Games registration app we are developing.

  1. All athletes must be kilted and clothed at all times while on the field. If you do not have a kilt please check with the athletic director for borrowing one. This is a family friendly environment so please refrain from excessive language.
  2. A non-refundable registration fee of $25 for early registrants (until July 31), $30 for regular registration (Aug 1 – Sept 30) and $35 for latecomers (Oct 1-14) will be charged to all athletes. Registration can be found below. Athletes will receive a lunch, T-shirt, & water. Late and day-of registration is allowed, but you cannot be guaranteed a shirt, though you will still receive lunch and water.
  3. Athletes will be expected to compete in all nine heavy events: Braemar & Open Stone, Heavy & Light Weight For Distance, Heavy & Light Hammer, Weight Over Bar, Sheaf, And Caber.
  4. Athletes may compete in one of the classes listed on registration form. there maybe more classes available than normal. If an athlete does not know what class they fall in, they may be placed in one of these classes based on ability at the Athletic Director’s discretion. All accepted registrations will play. We welcome first-time athletes but unfortunately must limit the number of men’s Cs on the field due to safety concerns.
  5. Awards will be given out for the winners of each of the nine classes.
  6. The one point scoring method with the least points wins is used for placing at the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival.
  7. Due to the nature of these Heavy Events, the Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival Athletic Director reserves the right to refuse any applicant the opportunity to participate. Un-sportsmanship behavior toward athletes, judges, score keepers, volunteers, field help, or spectators will result in immediate dis-qualification from the Games and future Games hosted by the Indianapolis Scottish Games & Festival.
  8. Short individual instructions will be available on the field prior to each event for new (and old!) athletes. Any extra training that you wish to have would be best by reaching out to current athletes in the area.
  9. Any Inquiries Or Questions Should Be Addressed To The Athletic Director:

Tracey Mills, tbmills@butler.edu , 317-446-0027